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Hi and welcome to the mResell Blog!

You may be asking yourself; why does mResell have a blog?

Well, if you’ve ever wondered what happened to that old MacBook Pro that you sold to us, or if you are curious to discover what life your newly purchased iPad lived before it met you, then keep reading because you may find the answers right here!

At mResell we are proud of what we do. Every year we buy thousands of Apple devices from private individuals and businesses, whose plan for their future was either a dark, dusty drawer or the bin! Every device is collected, cleaned, checked, and serviced by a certified technician before being sold to their new best friend – our customer – with a new lease of life.

Not only does our work have a positive environmental impact, it can also have a positive impact on you: our customer. Time and again we receive happy feedback that shows us that we are making a difference by providing good-quality products for a sharp price – because, let’s face it – brand new Apple products can be frighteningly expensive.

mResell’s customers across several countries have kindly shared their stories of their experience with mResell, and as a segment of our blog we would like to share some of these stories with you.

We will also keep you up to date on some interesting case studies, and about mResell initiatives and partnerships from around the world. So add our blog to your list of bookmarks for our latest updates and useful tips regarding the refurbished market.

Our inaugural customer submission comes from the Netherlands. We hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading!


Our son John attends one of the Steve Jobs schools here in the Netherlands. At the beginning of the last school year, we were asked by the school to buy an iPad Air for use in the classroom and at home. Of course, for the education of our son, we were happy to do so.

Over the spring-break holiday, we decided to go on a week-long holiday to the south of Spain, and we decided to let John take his new iPad so he could finish his homework while on holiday.

When we were passing through Spanish customs to catch our return flight back to Amsterdam, John discovered that his iPad was missing. Maybe it was left on the beach, maybe it was left in one of the restaurants, or somewhere else along the way.

When we got home, we called our insurance company to make a claim. We sent a copy of our receipt to the insurance company, and they took the price that we had paid for the iPad via the school, and discounted this even further. The reason was that the iPad was already over 6 months old, so we would not receive the “new” value, but rather their calculated “day-value”.

After the insurance paid out, we were €150 euros short of buying the current generation iPad as a replacement for John. However, after being tipped by a friend about mResell, we quickly looked at their website and found the perfect solution to our problem; we were able to buy back the same model iPad Air that John had lost for approximately the same price as the compensation from our insurance company.

– John got his new replacement iPad, which was the exactly same model that he had before.

– We didn’t have to pay anything extra from our own pocket to buy a new replacement.

– The iPad came with 1 year free warrantee standard, so we have the piece of mind that John’s new iPad should last him at least until he graduates next year or goes on another holiday to Spain!

Thanks mResell! Two thumbs-up for the great prices and quick service!




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