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Back to School

Top quality Apple devices at student prices


Back to school
It’s that time of year again – leaves turn red and orange overhead and excited children equipped with freshly sharpened pencils and new backpacks head back to school.

Along with colourful notepads and lunch boxes featuring the latest cartoon-craze, a tablet or laptop has become essential to the modern student, and less tech-savvy parents start rummaging through the internet haphazardly for tips and advice on what gadget to buy and where to get the best deal.

We thought we’d make your life a little simpler and introduce you to our favourite Apple devices for carrying around campus: the iPad and the MacBook Air. With a perfect mix of lightweight portability and long battery life these two devices are perfect for note-taking and keeping track of homework assignments. 

Why buy an iPad?

The iPad is slim, small and ultra lightweight, making it very easy to bring from lecture to lecture, or for use on the go. iPads have an amazing battery which would allows students to sit through classes without worrying about where the nearest charger plug might be. iPads are also usually much cheaper than a laptop or desktop computer. 

Why buy a MacBook Air?

The MacBook Air is great for multitasking, researching on the web, working on spreadsheets and writing reports. You can switch between programs quickly and do multiple things at once. The MacBook Air is great if you are looking for a good-priced full-fledged laptop. It has a 11″ or 13″ display and a built-in full-size keyboard making it is very easy to write papers and do research on. Although a MacBook Air is more expensive than most iPads, it is cheaper than other MacBook models.

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Why buy refurbished?

Let’s face it, brand new Apple products can be brutally expensive, and although the thought of having a expensive laptop flung around clumsily in a backpack crammed with heavy books and slightly unscrewed water bottles may bring a tear to the eye of the most laid-back parent. You don’t want your kid to be the only one in school without an electronic note-taking device. 

This is where you need to consider buying refurbished. All of mResell’s devices are fully functional and have been thoroughly checked, serviced and cleaned by an authorised technician and passed all of Apple’s tests before put on the shelves in our webshop. 

As the devices are second hand the prices are a lot more agreeable, and you may find last year’s model for half the retail price. 

We understand that buying refurbished may seem risky, that’s why we have a 14 day return policy and offer up to 24 months of warranty on our devices, so you can rest assured that if any hardware failures occurs, you can send it straight back to our workshop for repair. 

Sending your kid off to school? Are you off to uni in the autumn? Need a good quality Apple device that doesn’t blast your budget to pieces? – Welcome to mResell, we’ve got your back.



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