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mResell is launching in France

The mResell family is constantly growing. So far this year we have recruited 6 new employees and only in a couple of weeks we are opening a brach in our 9th European country.

Meet Eva – the Country Manager of mResell France

Eva Fall                               Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.43.17

Hometown: Senegal

What made you want to work for mResell?

I like the way of we work at mResell and I am also addicted to Apple devices.

What is your favourite part of working for mResell? 

For me this is just the beginning but I love the fact that I have all the possibility and support to make my own choices. The fact that my superior trusts me and gives me freedom to apply my ideas and let me handle things how I want. It is a big challenge: exciting and crazy, and I really love it 🙂

What excites you most about the future of mResell?

The fast growth of the company and the simple, kind and generous minds of the team which makes us different and very strong at the same time.

What is your favourite Apple device? 

The iPhone, of course.

How do you drink your coffee?

I do not drink coffee at all (I know it sounds weird. I hate coffee to be honest) but I love hot chocolate with cream hum yummy!


It is always exciting to open a new business branch, and we are ecstatic to finally bring our services to the people of France. Seeing our vision of opening the possibility for people to experience the Apple-lifestyle in an economical and environmentally friendly way become reality before our eyes, has been really quite magical. And we cannot wait for our next adventures as we journey our way through Europe.



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