General selling terms and conditions

1. Parties

These Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to a sales agreement between mResell AB, Company number: 556885-5372 (henceforth ”mResell”) and its customer (“Seller”). This sales agreement refers to a situation in which mResell acts as a buyer. mResell is a registered company that manages and maintains web store. The Seller can be either a private person or a company. A private person under the age of 16 can only act as a Seller with the written consent of their guardian(s).

The Seller shall provide the information requested by mResell when making the sales order. For consumers this information shall include at least the name, social security number, address, and phone number, and email address. For Businesses the required information includes the name, phone number, and email of a contact within the Business, as well as the Company Number, shipping address, phone number(s), and billing address if needed. Information concerning the collection and processing of customer information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

These Terms and Conditions have been updated on 27.7.2022 and they are valid until further notice. mResell retains the right to change these Terms and Conditions unilaterally and without prior notice, if the content of these terms and conditions do not materially change the relationship between the parties. Changes to these Terms and Conditions shall enter into force immediately.

2. The Product

The Seller sells their Apple product and any original accessories of their choosing (charging cable, power supply, data cable etc.) (“Product”). mResell has offered a certain price (“Indicated Price”) for the Product based on the product- and condition specifications given by the Seller and any original accessories included in the sale.

Companies: When selling to mResell with valid EU VAT number, the 0% VAT scheme will be applied and quote excluded VAT will be payed.
Private individuals: We apply Margin tax scheme.

Condition classes are defined as follows:

Unopened: An unopened product is new and unused. The packaging has not been opened and it is sealed by the original protective Apple film.

Good Condition:The product is in good condition both functionally and cosmetically. The body may have marks of marginal wear and tear, small dents or scratches, but no considerable or numerous marks, scratches, chips or dents on either screen, edges or case. The display has to be scratchless and without staingate, light leakage and dead pixels. A device’s battery needs to be in good condition and it needs to pass Apple’s official battery test.

Minor Cosmetic Defect: The product is fully functional but has minor cosmetic defects to the body of the device. The defects may be a lot of wear and tear, minor scratches, dents or chips on the case or edges. The display has to be scratchless and without staingate, light leakage and dead pixels. A device’s battery needs to be in good condition and it needs to pass Apple’s official battery test.

Major Cosmetic Defect: The product is fully functional but has severe cosmetic defects to the body or screen. The defects may be large, deep or numerous scratches, dents or chips on the case or edges, or minor marks or scratches on the screen, as well as slight staingate, light leakage or dead pixels. If the screen has severe staingate, chips or cracks the condition may have to be reevaluated by a team member. A device’s battery needs to be in good condition and it needs to pass Apple’s official battery test.

The product must not have cracks, fractures, engravings, or protective cases attached with a bonding agent. The product must not have third-party parts, battery, power supply, or charging cable. The power supply has to be intact, and the charging cable’s protective sheath must not be damaged. The charger must have a UK plug. A Brand New (0-6 months) or unopened product must be sent to us with a copy of it’s original purchase receipt. Please remember that your charger may have several parts, below you can see what parts needs to be included:
MacBook chargers:
* 45W / 60W / 63W / 85W / 87W charging adapter
* A power extension cable. Not with new Touchbar models, no extension cable but USB cable
* An AC wall adaptor plug (duckhead)

iPad/iPhone chargers:
* A Lightning to USB Cable
* A 5W/12W USB Power Adapter
* Lightning to 3.5mm audio jack adapter

Watch chargers:
* A 1m Magnetic Charger Cable
* A 5W USB Power Adapter

3. Delivering the Product to mResell

After having accepted the Indicated Price, the Seller delivers the Product by post with the prepaid waybill provided by mResell. The prepaid waybill will be sent to the email address provided by the Seller after the acceptance of the sales order. The Product must be posted within 10 days of acceptance of the sales order.

3.1 Packaging

The Seller is responsible for proper packaging of the Product delivered to mResell. The Product must be sufficiently protected by proper wrapping and cushioning. mResell insures the shipments for damages that happens during delivery. The insurance is limited to the direct costs up to the offered value of the properly packed product. You can find DHL’s packing instructions here.

3.2 Other preliminary actions

If the Product is enrolled into a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, the Product must be disconnected thereof before selling the Product. If the Product is bought through Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP), the Product must be removed from said Program before selling.

4. Product check-up and price confirmation

mResell informs the Seller via email when the Product has arrived and been received to authorized Apple Technicians.

When the Product is delivered to be checked, the Seller guarantees that:

  1. They are the owner of the Product and that it has been procured legally
  2. The Product has been paid fully, and that it is not used as a collateral for a loan.
  3. All the information about the Product, it’s condition, and ownership provided by the Seller are correct.

mResell shall not be liable for ramifications or expenses in situations in which the Seller has breached the above guarantees.

After the check-up (approximately 4-6 business days), the Indicated price will be confirmed (Confirmed Price). Should the Confirmed Price be the same as the Indicated Price, the purchase of the Product shall proceed to payment phase without further notice. If during the check-up process it is determined that the Product’s condition deviates from the Seller’s declaration, or the Product has other defects or deficiencies, the original Indicated Price may be adjusted (“Adjusted Price”). The adjustment may be required due to, for example, the Product’s cosmetic condition deviating from that which the Seller has declared, a component malfunction, or other similar defect. Additionally, should the Product’s battery not pass Apple’s official battery test, or if the original and correct accessories, for example, the adaptor, power extension cable, or UK wall adaptor plug are missing or damaged, without prior notice, the original Indicated Price may be adjusted.

During the service check, all data is deleted in accordance with current data protection laws. mResell is not responsible for indirect damages or financial losses incurred as a result of an error in the data erasure process. The seller is responsible for ensuring that the data to be saved has been backed up and saved on another device before the product is delivered to mResell. Remaining SIM cards, covers, screen protectors and any other accessories are removed and discarded during the service check.

If the Product is bought at the Confirmed Price, or the Seller has agreed to the Adjusted Price, mResell will pay the price agreed upon to the bank account provided by the Seller. The payment will be processed within two business days from the confirmation of the Confirmed Price or the acceptance of the Adjusted Price. Once the payment has been made the device is legally property of mResell and the Seller cannot claim it back or ask for additional money.

If payment is made via PayPal and the provided PayPal account is set to a currency that requires a currency conversion fee, this fee will be deducted from the payment. 

5. Withdrawing from the contract

mResell retains the right to withdraw from the sale of goods unilaterally and without compensation until the payment has been processed. The Seller will be informed of the possible cancellation via email. Should the sale of goods be cancelled, mResell will deliver the Product back to the Seller via the original delivery method to the original address provided. Should the Seller cancel the sale, or if mResell cancels the sale due to the Seller’s negligence or due to a significant defect found in the Product, mResell has the right to return the Product back to the Seller after the Seller has paid shipping- and handling costs to the bank account provided by mResell. The shipping and handling costs of an OS X device are £35, and £25 for an iOS device. There is also the import tax that has to be paid by the seller in order to get back the device. If the shipping and handling costs are not paid in full within two (2) months, the Product’s ownership is transferred to mResell.

6. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and entering into force

These Terms and Conditions of Sale enter into force, when the Seller has electronically accepted these Terms and Conditions by pressing a specific “I Accept” button during the sales order process at the mResell webstore and when mResell has accepted the Seller’s sales order and sent them an order confirmation email.